The View

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The View - D by denise

A familiar view can bring a rush of memories, and also create a sense of calm, purpose, connection to nature, or a feeling of home. As I sit and write – admiring this longtime favourite view and constant in my life since the age of ten – I am reminded that some things never change, and some things change every … Read More

May & Mental Health Awareness

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May and Mental Health - D by denise

As I witness the abundance of nature’s energy unfold this month, I am grateful for the rebirth after a long winter and am especially hopeful for hot, sunny, summer days ahead. Having said that, with this surge of sprouting energy, I’ve had unexplained moments of feeling overwhelmed and anxious (…unless of course it’s the hormones again…).  During a routine acupuncture last … Read More

Are You Spending Time With Your Inner People?

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Are you spending time with your inner people - D by denise

During a recent client conversation around creativity and critical thinking I asked, “are you spending time with your inner people each day?” My client paused, and then requested clarification – whether I meant time with family and close friends. I clarified: “…your inner peeps… me, myself and I!” This prompted further conversation around the need for and benefits of quiet space to … Read More

Write Your Story, Tell The World

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Write your story and tell it - d by denise

Who doesn’t love a great story? Especially one that comes from the heart, stirs emotion, and lends inspiration or learning? Storytelling is something we learned as children; stories of experience, adventure, or fairytales, always involving a journey and a life lesson. Isn’t it remarkable that, as we age, we learn the best lessons aren’t at the final destination of the journey, … Read More

Feedback: Are You On The Same Side of the Table?

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feedback - giving and receiving - d by denise

Have you ever experienced a derailed feedback attempt, where you felt personally attacked and had to shield yourself in “armor” to fight back tears (or, did you just do that too)? Done well, feedback is expressed as a function of respect and is not supposed to cause shame, but instead raise an opportunity to engage in productive, balanced conversation and … Read More

The Modern, Young Professional Woman: Are We Adding Pressure?

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The young modern professional woman - mentorship

To state the obvious, today’s young, modern professional woman has it different than we did. There is greater speed and pressure in her world than when we were her age, and more specifically, she: grew up in a digital world with the entrance of social media, instant feedback, and information,  has witnessed significant fear in the world, due to rising violence … Read More

The Ultimatum I was Forced to Face: Career or Family?

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Family - d by denise

A number of years have passed, but I remember the details as though it were yesterday… Late January 1999, I was working into the early evening prepping year-end statements as a Corporate Controller. At this point in time, I’d been with the company for eleven years and was working for a relatively new General Manager (compared to other tenured members of … Read More

A New Year, A New “G Word”

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The gift of time - cartier watch

As we undress the tree, place boxes in storage, and say goodbye to loved ones home for the holidays, this week becomes quieter. A time to unwind under the sun on a beach, ski hill, the family cottage, or in the quiet of our home. For many, it also becomes a time to relax and get lost in a great … Read More

Starting off My Work Week

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I love having an office in my home, especially Monday mornings. It’s my office time – no sharing, no one around other than an occasional visit or bark from my furry adopted girl, Chloe. I block the first half of the morning to enjoy a second cup of coffee and the sunshine streaming onto the middle of my desk, as … Read More