Behind Curtain Number 6: Realizing Our Best Asset

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Benefits of meditation-woman meditating

A couple weeks ago, I celebrated turning 52. In the days leading up to my birthday, my General Physician referred me to a Gastroenterologist for a routine colonoscopy. He called it an “early birthday gift” that was well-deserved, now that I am “in my fifties”. This present did not come wrapped in a pretty box with ribbon, but instead a package … Read More

The Modern, Young Professional Woman: Are We Adding Pressure?

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The young modern professional woman - mentorship

To state the obvious, today’s young, modern professional woman has it different than we did. There is greater speed and pressure in her world than when we were her age, and more specifically, she: grew up in a digital world with the entrance of social media, instant feedback, and information,  has witnessed significant fear in the world, due to rising violence … Read More

The Ultimatum I was Forced to Face: Career or Family?

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Family - d by denise

A number of years have passed, but I remember the details as though it were yesterday… Late January 1999, I was working into the early evening prepping year-end statements as a Corporate Controller. At this point in time, I’d been with the company for eleven years and was working for a relatively new General Manager (compared to other tenured members of … Read More

One Powerful, Middle-Aged Trip Around The Sun… And Here’s What You Told Me, Sisters

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Happy Anniversary - bubbly

This week marks the one year anniversary of D by denise! It’s been an exciting year celebrating all that is the modern middle-aged woman, from lifestyle to fashion. When I originally wrote My “Why”, I wanted to acknowledge being “middle-aged”, but I also wanted to acknowledge our sense of confidence, fitness, and feeling sexy in this stage. It is none the less … Read More

How Far Do We Parent Our Adult Children?

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As we say goodbye to the toddler and teenage days of parenting, we enter new territory: parenting adult children. This stage presents a new set of challenges, as those before them did. In the continued spirit of embracing simplicity, I came across my well worn (and well marked!) book “What to Expect the Toddler Years”.  It made me smile in … Read More


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Simplicity - spring tulips

Simplicity – the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded (Merriam Webster). “Simplicity” is a word that has crossed my mind on a few occasions lately, for various reasons. Sometimes life and “things” can become just plain complicated. Or maybe, we just let them without realizing it.  Complicated… when it doesn’t need to be, when we least expect it, or least need … Read More

It’s Our Time

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When I began D by denise (almost a year ago!), I did so with the notion that being a modern middle-aged professional woman went beyond the office, workspace, and home. It’s more than putting on a suit and heading into rush hour every day, and more than earning a paycheck. Instead, it’s about being a leader: making an impact on … Read More

Aging Gracefully: A Natural Path

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Aging gracefully, aging naturally, or just plain aging: at the end of the day, it’s what every person has in common. As much as aging is out of our control, our modern world has presented options in our control that can prevent or alter its visual signs. The look of wrinkles and aged expressions have become a hot topic over recent years … Read More