Impact Of Our Time, Talent, or Treasure

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Last year, I wrote about Our Sixth Sense. That, as a middle-aged woman, it’s a privilege to carve out capacity to give back: “Beyond the ability to help others and be inspired by outstanding individuals encountered through these journeys, giving back allows us to fulfil our purpose and lend the skills and insight we have gained along the way to … Read More

Roll over or run away?

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Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to bury yourself in bed, or better yet, get up and run away from it all? When the smallest of things feel so complicated that you can’t think straight? And yet, you really have no reason to run away and the things that feel so complicated are really … Read More

Life Surprises, When You Least Expect Them

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Hiking in Phoenix

I can’t help but share a wonderful surprise that occurred for Michael and I this past week. We still can’t believe the sheer alignment or happenstance of crossing paths with childhood and early married day friends – in another country.  We headed to Phoenix this past weekend for a quick getaway to visit family friends. On our first morning, Michael … Read More

Winter Comfort Food, With Friends

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Entertaining - winter comfort

It’s still chilly, it’s still snowing. Winter is a season to be revered and is a time for cozying up with loved ones, staying in with friends, and as we’ve all come to expect…indulging on our favourite comfort foods. This month, Carla De Luca returns to share expert insight on all things comfort. No stranger to comforting, delectable, and indulgent … Read More

What is sexy at middle-age?

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Sexy women - celebrations

“What comes to mind when you think of a sexy middle-aged woman?” Would you say yourself? Is it about being sexy for ourselves, or for those around us? Is “sexy” about vanity, is it about how we feel? Ultimately, why is it even important to us? In the hype of all things vanity, cosmetic products, and the “sexiest woman alive” lists, … Read More

Hitting the Slopes at 50, and Owning It

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Middle aged woman downhill skiing

These last few days have taken me back in time to family ski vacations every spring break with our children (Paige and Joshua) since they were 6 and 3. I fondly remember the convoy of families travelling together as we left the prairies and headed west to the mountains of British Columbia. A week of fresh mountain air, loads of … Read More

A Solution for Hormonal Transition and Not-So-Joyful Symptoms of “The Change”

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Acupuncture -headache relief

I was at my wits end a few years ago. I was tired of hearing “…it’s all normal, its peri-menopause”. All fine and dandy, however, living with it was a whole other challenge. Hot flashes, monthly migraines, lack of sleep, and hemorrhaging periods (sometimes as close together as every 2.5 to 3 weeks) left me exhausted, low on iron, emotionally … Read More

Final Preparation: When is Enough, Enough?

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Holiday boutique shopping

Like most, I’m wrapping up holiday preparations and finding last minute special (but simple) treasures this week. I’m also taking time for Christmas cheer visits over a quick cup of tea or glass of wine. It’s tough to find the “perfect” gift. That said, one of my favourite things to do when looking for that special stocking stuffer or hostess … Read More

Taking it to the next level: the shop for modern middle-aged women

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Shop D by denise blog

Around this time a year ago and not long after my 50th birthday, my young, energized and talented friend Lindy encouraged me to bring my dream to life of lending a proud voice to the life stage I now occupy: that of a modern, middle-aged woman. After a series of conversations around my vision with Lindy, family, and close friends, D by denise launched last … Read More