Hot Flashes and “The Change” in the Boardroom

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Hot Flashes in the Boardroom - D by denise

I couldn’t help but giggle reading an Instagram post of Sharon Stone’s a while back. The photo was a side shot of her smiling and driving, with a comment that said “happiness is knowing your seat heater is on…and you’re not having a hot flash”! It reminded me of so many cringe-worthy (yet laughable) moments of my own. As much … Read More

It Happened So Fast…

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It happened so fast - D by denise - dark parking lot

It was 6:45pm on Tuesday evening, middle of December. I was leaving a meeting in what I consider a “safe” neighbourhood, and walking into a well-lit parking lot. I was attacked by a man as I rounded the corner to my car. He must have been lurking in the parking lot, waiting. All I remember was a noise and him running … Read More

Give, Care, Repeat…

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Give, Care, Repeat - D by denise

For me, the spirit of the season means joy, peace, and the chance to reflect while spending meaningful time with family and dear friends. But, it’s not the case for everyone. In reality, it’s quite the opposite: a very lonely and sad time. As human beings we share the desire for belonging, to be cared for, accepted, and loved. We … Read More

Write Your Story, Tell The World

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Write your story and tell it - d by denise

Who doesn’t love a great story? Especially one that comes from the heart, stirs emotion, and lends inspiration or learning? Storytelling is something we learned as children; stories of experience, adventure, or fairytales, always involving a journey and a life lesson. Isn’t it remarkable that, as we age, we learn the best lessons aren’t at the final destination of the journey, … Read More

The One Guarantee We All Share in Life: Death

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The One Guarantee We All Share In Life: Death - what is your legacy? D by denise

There’s one thing for sure in life: death. Like it or not, we signed up for it the day we were born. Our time on earth is precious. Many are fortunate to experience the early years without the life-altering loss of a close friend or loved one, leaving the subject of death furthest from our minds. But by middle-age, most have … Read More

Zero F**ks Given

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Not caring what others think - freedom - Give Zero F**ks - D by denise

As women, we often feel the need to take on the world: to solve everyone’s problems, to complete all tasks, to “feed and water” those around us, to care about what others think, to provide emotional support and coaching on a whim, and to feel guilty when we haven’t perfected our family, our work, our house, our looks, our lives. But, … Read More

The Modern, Young Professional Woman: Are We Adding Pressure?

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The young modern professional woman - mentorship

To state the obvious, today’s young, modern professional woman has it different than we did. There is greater speed and pressure in her world than when we were her age, and more specifically, she: grew up in a digital world with the entrance of social media, instant feedback, and information,  has witnessed significant fear in the world, due to rising violence … Read More