The Modern, Young Professional Woman: Are We Adding Pressure?

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The young modern professional woman - mentorship

To state the obvious, today’s young, modern professional woman has it different than we did. There is greater speed and pressure in her world than when we were her age, and more specifically, she: grew up in a digital world with the entrance of social media, instant feedback, and information,  has witnessed significant fear in the world, due to rising violence … Read More

One Powerful, Middle-Aged Trip Around The Sun… And Here’s What You Told Me, Sisters

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Happy Anniversary - bubbly

This week marks the one year anniversary of D by denise! It’s been an exciting year celebrating all that is the modern middle-aged woman, from lifestyle to fashion. When I originally wrote My “Why”, I wanted to acknowledge being “middle-aged”, but I also wanted to acknowledge our sense of confidence, fitness, and feeling sexy in this stage. It is none the less … Read More

It’s Our Time

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2 beautiful modern women laughing

When I began D by denise (almost a year ago!), I did so with the notion that being a modern middle-aged professional woman went beyond the office, workspace, and home. It’s more than putting on a suit and heading into rush hour every day, and more than earning a paycheck. Instead, it’s about being a leader: making an impact on … Read More

Impact Of Our Time, Talent, or Treasure

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Last year, I wrote about Our Sixth Sense. That, as a middle-aged woman, it’s a privilege to carve out capacity to give back: “Beyond the ability to help others and be inspired by outstanding individuals encountered through these journeys, giving back allows us to fulfil our purpose and lend the skills and insight we have gained along the way to … Read More

Our Sixth Sense

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With the transition of life stages comes the luxury for some to re-purpose time that was once focused on raising children, attending school and sporting activities, being the car-pool taxi and assisting with science fair projects and homework to new and other meaningful ways (in addition to our daily life and work commitments). With this in mind, we find ourselves … Read More

The New 4 Letter Word

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Bad Ass - busy day

How many times a day do you hear the word busy, or maybe, say it yourself? It’s become a common 4 letter word that I must say (in my personal opinion) is so overused.  A few weeks ago, I was at my wits end one day when conversations I encountered continuously included (after I greeted the individual by asking how … Read More

Why Don’t We Celebrate Enough?

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Celebration Bubbly

This past weekend at the lake, Michael and I, and a handful of our summer friends attended a”traditional hall” 25th wedding anniversary party. Besides an outstanding meal, the heartfelt speeches, and an amazing video capturing snippets of 25 years together, we danced into the night, laughed, sang, and celebrated our dear friends. It was during the couple’s speech and expression … Read More

My “Why”

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D by denise blog

In high school, two of my elective courses were accounting and commercial art. Yes – two very opposite spectrums. My teenage girlfriends would quickly tell you we would spend hours looking through fashion magazines. I had the dream of becoming a fashion designer (hence commercial art). I applied to fashion school during graduation year and was accepted. However, I became drawn to … Read More

Celebrating 50

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Turning 50

On the morning of my 49th birthday (over a mimosa!), my dear friend Kristi asked “so what are we going to plan for your 50th?” Oh my gosh – fifty – that was suppose to be my mom’s age, not mine! But in reality, it was only a year away. As I gave it thought over the following months, I … Read More