May & Mental Health Awareness

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May and Mental Health - D by denise

As I witness the abundance of nature’s energy unfold this month, I am grateful for the rebirth after a long winter and am especially hopeful for hot, sunny, summer days ahead. Having said that, with this surge of sprouting energy, I’ve had unexplained moments of feeling overwhelmed and anxious (…unless of course it’s the hormones again…).  During a routine acupuncture last … Read More

Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly imperfect - D by denise

As a born perfectionist, I’ve learned many things the hard way, or simply put, through the wisdom and experience the gift of aging has provided. I have come to understand and embrace being “perfectly imperfect”. Many would agree hindsight is 20/20 and it’s something this stage of life gives us. But more importantly, how are we putting hindsight into action … Read More

Have We Forgotten How To Play?

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Have we forgotten how to play, D by denise

Last week I was out walking our furry family member, Chloe, before heading to work. It was the best morning walk I have been on in a long time, and the reason is, I was behind a little boy on his way to school. He became my inspiration not only for those few minutes, but everyday since. He was by … Read More

One Powerful, Middle-Aged Trip Around The Sun… And Here’s What You Told Me, Sisters

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Happy Anniversary - bubbly

This week marks the one year anniversary of D by denise! It’s been an exciting year celebrating all that is the modern middle-aged woman, from lifestyle to fashion. When I originally wrote My “Why”, I wanted to acknowledge being “middle-aged”, but I also wanted to acknowledge our sense of confidence, fitness, and feeling sexy in this stage. It is none the less … Read More


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Simplicity - spring tulips

Simplicity – the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded (Merriam Webster). “Simplicity” is a word that has crossed my mind on a few occasions lately, for various reasons. Sometimes life and “things” can become just plain complicated. Or maybe, we just let them without realizing it.  Complicated… when it doesn’t need to be, when we least expect it, or least need … Read More

Roll over or run away?

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Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to bury yourself in bed, or better yet, get up and run away from it all? When the smallest of things feel so complicated that you can’t think straight? And yet, you really have no reason to run away and the things that feel so complicated are really … Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…But Is It Safe Inside?

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Modern Women laughing

The cold winter weather arrived just before the holidays, and with it came the cold and flu. So far (*knock on wood*) I’ve been able to dodge the nasty bug, but many around me haven’t been so fortunate. This week, I dial back to time spent with my dear friend Jennie and our Infuse Your Life With Wellness discussion, to share what she’s taught … Read More

A New Year, A New “G Word”

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The gift of time - cartier watch

As we undress the tree, place boxes in storage, and say goodbye to loved ones home for the holidays, this week becomes quieter. A time to unwind under the sun on a beach, ski hill, the family cottage, or in the quiet of our home. For many, it also becomes a time to relax and get lost in a great … Read More

New York, New York

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Woman in NYC

There’s something to be said about a getaway to New York City: the lights, hustle and bustle, culinary finds, entertainment, subway, and general vibe. In many ways, it’s not a “retreat” destination for a calm getaway, but it’s certainly one of non-stop excitement, history, and romance of its own kind. As you walk through Manhattan, you catch yourself thinking of … Read More