My Tub

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Some things never change. In life, our daily rituals begin to define us and often they are our “happy habits”. One I’ve practiced since I was a child is my night time tub. It’s so dear to me that close friends know I end each day with my bath ritual (or, if I’m going out late – I sneak one in before … Read More

My “Why”

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In high school, two of my elective courses were accounting and commercial art. Yes – two very opposite spectrums. My teenage girlfriends would quickly tell you we would spend hours looking through fashion magazines. I had the dream of becoming a fashion designer (hence commercial art). I applied to fashion school during graduation year and was accepted. However, I became drawn to … Read More

Leaving on a Jet Plane

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As with many things, there is an art to packing carry-on luggage. I remain a student to the process with each trip (minus the “throw it all in the laundry basket” packing that happens for weekend cottage get-aways..). Travel with just a carry-on, whether for an extended weekend vacation or a few-day business trip, takes planning. It requires focusing on … Read More