Life Surprises, When You Least Expect Them

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Hiking in Phoenix

I can’t help but share a wonderful surprise that occurred for Michael and I this past week. We still can’t believe the sheer alignment or happenstance of crossing paths with childhood and early married day friends – in another country.  We headed to Phoenix this past weekend for a quick getaway to visit family friends. On our first morning, Michael … Read More

Be Impeccable With Your Word

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Modern Professional Woman - leaving office

I recently introduced a new routine to the start of my day –  listening to podcasts.  I begin the “listen” while getting ready in the morning, and on most days, complete the podcast during my morning commute in the car. A couple weeks ago, I came across one of Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (that I love to follow!), titled Find Freedom, Happiness … Read More

I Do and Renew

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wedding flowers - renew vows

Many of our friends are reaching 25-30 years of marriage. These milestones present a time for reflection, and in many cases, the decision to celebrate by renewing marriage vows. We’re also beginning to witness and celebrate the love and marriage vows of those “little ones” we raised or had the privilege to watch grow from toddlers to young adults – … Read More

The Love of a Son

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mother and son

Our son Joshua arrived late afternoon in mid November 1994 – three years after our daughter Paige entered the world. As with Paige, during my pregnancy with Josh, my Doctor reminded me that motherhood, and having a child, is a woman’s privilege (not a right!). This time around though, becoming a mother to a son was unfamiliar territory.  I fondly … Read More

“I Will Always Love You”

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David Foster - IDEA - University of MB

I hadn’t planned to write about this. But when moments in life take your breath away, they’re worth talking about. Earlier this week, I had the privilege to join an outstanding crowd for an evening gala that honoured the one and only David Foster. Each year, the University of Manitoba’s Business School Foundation presents the IDEA (International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award) to an outstanding … Read More

I’d Love To Have Wine With…

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Red wine with friends

We all need inspiration. It’s the motivator we need on the tough days, the energy we need when we’re exhausted and feel like we have nothing more to give, and sometimes – it’s the push we didn’t quite want in the times we (eventually learn) it was needed most. In my life, a big source of inspiration is drawn from … Read More

A Handwritten Message from the Heart

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Written Messages from the heart

Everything around us moves so fast, including time. For goodness sake, we reached this stage so quickly! But do we really need to comply to the speed of it all? I often think about how to slow down time in reclaiming the little things, taking a minute to enjoy “special” moments during our week. Remember when the most common way to communicate with … Read More