Infuse Your Life With Wellness

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Women wellness laughter

A few years ago, I discovered the power of essential oils through my Mom sharing her research and the positive influence oils were having for her and her body. What at first seemed a bit like voodoo has since become a trusted regimen in my life. If you have ever enjoyed the natural scent of lavender, mint, lemongrass or eucalyptus, … Read More

No Graceful Entry

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Back in the office

The month of September is like December and June: fast-paced schedules and jam-packed with action. September is also the sign of a new year (more so than January, for me). Perhaps it’s the “back to school” feeling that stays with us since we were kids. Even though I’m no longer in school and neither are my children, the feeling never really leaves. … Read More

Rain, Rain, Glad You Came

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Coffee and a book

Her: “Good morning. Just lounging in my PJ’s. You?” Me: “Doing the same!” Her: “It’s OK to lounge in your PJ’s …..” As much as I love the sunshine, I didn’t mind the rain and cloud cover the last few days.  In fact, I couldn’t be happier!  It was a great excuse to not head outside to play tennis, and instead … Read More

My Kickstart to the Day

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The days are slowly becoming shorter and we have been blessed with an incredible summer so far. Long, hot and sometimes lazy days have lead to warm, breezy evenings (that remind me of summer nights camping as a child), which have been spent with friends, on the golf course or enjoying a quiet glass of wine with Michael and a … Read More

Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

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Eminence Face Cream with SPF 30

This time of year, we are strongly reminded of the sun’s powerful rays, and dare I say the wrinkles and “dark spots” that can appear on our skin as a result of sun damage. This is where sun protection and the need for sunscreen comes in. I’ve been religious in wearing face cream with SPF for many years, but there’s … Read More

Walking on Glass

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Standup Paddle Boarding - recharge

As “July long” festivities wrap up, settling into summer becomes my next focus. It means winding down from my normal (scheduled) life in the city, and happily move into a summer at our cottage.  As with any vacation, it usually takes a week or so to transition, and really let our bodies welcome a new, slower pace. The cottage is … Read More

Freedom of a Quiet Mind 

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Power of meditation

The month of June is like the month of December – wrapping up projects, functions, graduation festivities, cottage, and holiday preparation. Even if we no longer have school aged children it’s jam-packed. June also takes me back to a time twelve years ago, when I began to explore the benefits of meditation. To this day, I remain a student of … Read More

Hormone Survival – Sweat it Out!

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Physical fitness has always been important to me, however I never loved working out. Today, it’s one of the first items scheduled in my weekly regime – it’s a form of survival with respect to managing my hormone changes and sanity! A few years ago I began to struggle with energy levels, sleeping, hot flashes, and migraines, when my husband, … Read More

My Tub

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castelbel soap from portugal for luxury bath time

Some things never change. In life, our daily rituals begin to define us and often they are our “happy habits”. One I’ve practiced since I was a child is my night time tub. It’s so dear to me that close friends know I end each day with my bath ritual (or, if I’m going out late – I sneak one in before … Read More