Pumped Up Colour….Local Inspiration

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Makeup Application - Modern Woman

Remember sneaking into your Mother’s or Grandmother’s makeup bag when you were little? Plastering on the lipstick and the blush – so fun! Or the thrill of receiving permission that you were “old enough” to wear makeup (beyond the glossy Root Beer or Black Cherry Lipsmackers). Today, as a woman, one of the most fun and indulgent things we can … Read More

I Do and Renew

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wedding flowers - renew vows

Many of our friends are reaching 25-30 years of marriage. These milestones present a time for reflection, and in many cases, the decision to celebrate by renewing marriage vows. We’re also beginning to witness and celebrate the love and marriage vows of those “little ones” we raised or had the privilege to watch grow from toddlers to young adults – … Read More

Rain, Rain, Glad You Came

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Coffee and a book

Her: “Good morning. Just lounging in my PJ’s. You?” Me: “Doing the same!” Her: “It’s OK to lounge in your PJ’s …..” As much as I love the sunshine, I didn’t mind the rain and cloud cover the last few days.  In fact, I couldn’t be happier!  It was a great excuse to not head outside to play tennis, and instead … Read More

My Kickstart to the Day

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middle aged woman healthy eating

The days are slowly becoming shorter and we have been blessed with an incredible summer so far. Long, hot and sometimes lazy days have lead to warm, breezy evenings (that remind me of summer nights camping as a child), which have been spent with friends, on the golf course or enjoying a quiet glass of wine with Michael and a … Read More

The Love of a Son

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mother and son

Our son Joshua arrived late afternoon in mid November 1994 – three years after our daughter Paige entered the world. As with Paige, during my pregnancy with Josh, my Doctor reminded me that motherhood, and having a child, is a woman’s privilege (not a right!). This time around though, becoming a mother to a son was unfamiliar territory.  I fondly … Read More

Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

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Eminence Face Cream with SPF 30

This time of year, we are strongly reminded of the sun’s powerful rays, and dare I say the wrinkles and “dark spots” that can appear on our skin as a result of sun damage. This is where sun protection and the need for sunscreen comes in. I’ve been religious in wearing face cream with SPF for many years, but there’s … Read More

Why Don’t We Celebrate Enough?

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Celebration Bubbly

This past weekend at the lake, Michael and I, and a handful of our summer friends attended a”traditional hall” 25th wedding anniversary party. Besides an outstanding meal, the heartfelt speeches, and an amazing video capturing snippets of 25 years together, we danced into the night, laughed, sang, and celebrated our dear friends. It was during the couple’s speech and expression … Read More

Walking on Glass

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Standup Paddle Boarding - recharge

As “July long” festivities wrap up, settling into summer becomes my next focus. It means winding down from my normal (scheduled) life in the city, and happily move into a summer at our cottage.  As with any vacation, it usually takes a week or so to transition, and really let our bodies welcome a new, slower pace. The cottage is … Read More