Summer White – Day to Night!

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White Jeans - Summer Couture

Jeans are a staple in my closet all year long. When I’m not in business clothes or workout gear, you will find me in jeans. In the summer, faded blue or crisp white are my favourite. I also love wearing comfy summer dresses all day long! White jeans can be casual or dressy, and easily go from day to night. … Read More

Freedom of a Quiet Mind 

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Power of meditation

The month of June is like the month of December – wrapping up projects, functions, graduation festivities, cottage, and holiday preparation. Even if we no longer have school aged children it’s jam-packed. June also takes me back to a time twelve years ago, when I began to explore the benefits of meditation. To this day, I remain a student of … Read More

Hormone Survival – Sweat it Out!

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Physical fitness has always been important to me, however I never loved working out. Today, it’s one of the first items scheduled in my weekly regime – it’s a form of survival with respect to managing my hormone changes and sanity! A few years ago I began to struggle with energy levels, sleeping, hot flashes, and migraines, when my husband, … Read More

Getting Dirty in Your Back Yard

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Back yard gardening

Like hearing an old song, the scent of certain flowers can take us back in time. When I smell fresh lilac trees in the spring, I am quickly reminded of my Baba. Same with my Grandma of rose bushes, and marigolds of my first flower garden patch (when I was seven). Planting allows us to be children again: enjoying moments … Read More

“I Will Always Love You”

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David Foster - IDEA - University of MB

I hadn’t planned to write about this. But when moments in life take your breath away, they’re worth talking about. Earlier this week, I had the privilege to join an outstanding crowd for an evening gala that honoured the one and only David Foster. Each year, the University of Manitoba’s Business School Foundation presents the IDEA (International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award) to an outstanding … Read More

I’d Love To Have Wine With…

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Red wine with friends

We all need inspiration. It’s the motivator we need on the tough days, the energy we need when we’re exhausted and feel like we have nothing more to give, and sometimes – it’s the push we didn’t quite want in the times we (eventually learn) it was needed most. In my life, a big source of inspiration is drawn from … Read More

Spring – Saturday Night – Patio Time!

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Saturday night date - fashion - cartier

One of my and Michael’s favourite ways to spend a spring Saturday evening is dinner out with friends. Last weekend, we were able to do just that with a special couple we had not seen in a while. Even with warm days and sunshine, spring can still present cool evenings. This can be tricky when choosing what to wear (especially if you’re planning a … Read More

A Handwritten Message from the Heart

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Written Messages from the heart

Everything around us moves so fast, including time. For goodness sake, we reached this stage so quickly! But do we really need to comply to the speed of it all? I often think about how to slow down time in reclaiming the little things, taking a minute to enjoy “special” moments during our week. Remember when the most common way to communicate with … Read More

From Work Day to Spring Fashion Show

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Work day fashion - spring outfit

When temperatures rise and we see fresh green leaves starting to bud, it can only mean spring. This is one of my favourite times of year – when I get to put on a spring dress and open toe shoes! After a long winter, it’s a treat to leave the house without a jacket. While shopping at October Boutique recently, I fell in love … Read More