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Around this time a year ago and not long after my 50th birthday, my young, energized and talented friend Lindy encouraged me to bring my dream to life of lending a proud voice to the life stage I now occupy: that of a modern, middle-aged woman.

After a series of conversations around my vision with Lindy, family, and close friends, D by denise launched last April. Since then, it has celebrated, inspired, and engaged a motivated and incredibly talented cohort of women, and also discussed what life truly means at this stage. Often, it comes down to the quality in which we invest and surround ourselves with – whether we’re talking about health, time spent with friends and family, our favourite daily items, fashion, and more. I couldn’t be happier each Sunday afternoon when I plan out the week’s content and write over a cup of tea. I have found that at this stage, and through this blog, we easily unite in the things we cherish, and we do so with a focus on quality, interaction, and meaningful collaboration.

Since launching D by denise this past spring, I had the privilege to explore other pieces in life that I am passionate about (my why shares a big piece of the story), one of which continues to be style and fashion. With a determined conviction, this past summer I took my vision to its next step (again, with Lindy’s encouragement!) and started to explore what has now come to be a reality.

Today, I am thrilled to launch the D by denise Shop.

This exclusive line of D by denise reflects collaboration in design with some of my favourite local brands: Hilary Druxman, Charleston and Harlow, and Cornelia Bean. Each brand and their respective owners live and breathe values I hold dear, including genuine authenticity, sustainability practices, beautiful quality pieces, and sheer love for their craft. In working with these entrepreneurs, the quality we invest and surround ourselves with was evident in every interaction: it has been an absolute pleasure working with Hilary (Hilary Druxman), Jeff and Andrea (Charleston and Harlow), and Cory (Cornelia Bean).  They truly understood my vision for D by denise, and the special moments I wanted to bring to other modern, middle-aged women.

It was important to me that each product have its own identity (a story), to best represent the modern woman. It was a fun exercise to think and write about, and you will find in the D by denise shop that each product entails a unique woman’s personality (story) that accompanies the product itself. You may even find that these women sound a little bit like you. I hope you enjoy the stories, as you (my readers!) represent all of these women in so many ways.

So, it is my pleasure this week to introduce you to the locally curated products that comprise the launch of the D by denise Shop:

Your words and encouragement, your stories, and your inspiration have led me to this day. It means so much to be able to bring this to life, and in doing so, celebrating “us”: the modern middle-aged woman. It is even more special to introduce the Shop just before the holidays, as Christmas is such a special time for myself and my family, and I love to be able to tell stories through meaningful gifts. I hope Audrey, Sophie, and Thea inspire you to do just that. And, if you fall in love with any of them as I have, treat yourself or someone special in your life during the holiday season!

Why? Because lifting the spirits of ourselves and others is never overdone.

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Photos: Casey Nolin Photography & Kderk Photography (formerly Scotch & Coffee) 

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