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Red wine with friends

We all need inspiration.

It’s the motivator we need on the tough days, the energy we need when we’re exhausted and feel like we have nothing more to give, and sometimes – it’s the push we didn’t quite want in the times we (eventually learn) it was needed most.

In my life, a big source of inspiration is drawn from the women around me – friends, family, colleagues, and those who simply stand out in their own special and powerful way.

On the “Inspire” page of my site, I talk about who I’d love to have wine with (essentially a heart-to-heart conversation). For me, these women embody incredible strength, perseverance, and the ability to pave the way and amplify the voice of others. Kelly, Oprah, Megyn, Jane, Ellen, and Jackie all share a story one of us can relate to at some point in our lives. And their stories are all unique as they are colourful. Over a glass of wine, I would ask them about how they did it. How they made sure to celebrate successes and how they overcame absolute despair and challenge, and did so with grace, strength, and courage. We all know over a glass of wine (or two), conversation can tend to get deeper and in some ways more meaningful.

All joking aside, having a glass of wine (or San Pellegrino!) with girlfriends is one of the most personal experiences we can share with our sisterhood. It’s the times we laugh, celebrate, and reminisce – or we cry and draw on the strength of one another as we overcome the deepest sadness or navigate through current challenges – or we simply just sit and “be”.

I’d love to have wine with many, many women: to be able to learn their story and have the opportunity to ask how it is (or how it was) to navigate through the brightest moments and the darkest times. Over the coming weeks and months, you will see the faces change on my Inspire page as I continue sharing stories of whom I’d love to share (or in some cases have shared) a glass with. Some are women known around the globe (whom I wish to meet someday!), and some are those that live just down the street.

Take time to reflect on your most memorable glass of wine or two. My bet is that those women, whether still in your life or not, are those that motivated and encouraged you past what you thought possible. That were there to pick you up and dust you off, in the midst of challenging times in your life. That now, you truly believe you couldn’t have done it without them.

Think about who you could have a glass of wine with this week. We all know that no matter the time or distance, a glass of wine will lead to some great conversation. Make the call, send the text, and be inspired.

Why? Because time is precious, and because we can.

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  1. Denise
    I applaud you! Love your articles – easy, quick reads and amazing photos. You “so get us” middle age gals! Thanks for sharing pieces of you.

    Your friend,

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