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I love having an office in my home, especially Monday mornings. It’s my office time – no sharing, no one around other than an occasional visit or bark from my furry adopted girl, Chloe.

I block the first half of the morning to enjoy a second cup of coffee and the sunshine streaming onto the middle of my desk, as I catch up on reading business articles I bookmarked the previous week. No email or social media allowed during my kick off to the week: it’s my time for concentrated professional reflection, learning, as well as planning for what is required to meet client needs and project deadlines that week.

It’s so easy to “just dive in and get at it” as soon as I pass through my office door – to not take the time to reflect, learn, and plan (a critical practice I’ve come to realize). Who has time? There are deadlines to meet, contacts to make, emails to respond to and phone calls to return – not to mention all the household organizing and personal commitments that also must occur. That used to be my approach (for many years), before I finally learned the hard way that if I didn’t take that quiet time Monday morning – I would not stop to do so all week. Once the work week momentum starts Monday, it seems to naturally continue until 5pm Friday.

Of course, there are always unexpected items that arise that require taking time to react and deliver on. However, if my work week is already 80% planned, the other 20% is (for the most part) manageable. Yes – the old 80/20 rule seems to always surface! Yet, there are still days when I am faced with totally wild, what-seems-like-outer-space experiences where I end the day with a glass (or two) of wine in my tub, thinking “OMG you just can’t make this shit up”!

By the end of Monday morning, I am ready to dive in and get at it, and hope (although “hope” is not a strategy as my colleague Ken would quickly remind me!) the day goes as planned. I pack my favourite tote bag with my iPad (and MacBook if needed), client files, notepad, wallet, glasses and lipstick for the day, and I am off to meet with clients and immerse myself in the business things I love to do.

Enjoy your week and smile at the sunshine!


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