You’re soft and sexy, sensual and strong – and you glow in your element. You are confident, centred, and like goddess Theia, you shine bright and show others the way. You’re worldly, wise, and you take the time to experience life. Why? Because you can.

The Thea tea is hand blended in Canada by Cornelia Bean for D by denise. It is a beautiful presentation of soft floral notes alongside a strong presence of ginger, all balanced beautifully with the addition of lemongrass. Red clover, green rooibos, and tulsi have been added for healing and medicinal benefits

Ingredients: all non caffeinated

  • Green rooibos (eases nervous tension, headaches and stress, boost immune, relieves stomach),
  • Tulsi (queen of herbs!, immune support, respiratory health, cardiovascular benefits, beats stress, reduces fever, dental and oral health, arthritis aid, and many more…),
  • Red clover (treat estrogen imbalances, lower cholesterol, boost circulation, strengthen bones, protect the immune system, reduce hypertension, and protect the cardiovascular system),
  • Lemongrass (detoxification, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial),
  • Ginger (relieves nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness, and pain),
  • Chamomile (for calmness),
  • Lavender (for rest),
  • Hibiscus, blue corn flower, rose petals, rose hips.