Leaving on a Jet Plane

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As with many things, there is an art to packing carry-on luggage.

I remain a student to the process with each trip (minus the “throw it all in the laundry basket” packing that happens for weekend cottage get-aways..).

Travel with just a carry-on, whether for an extended weekend vacation or a few-day business trip, takes planning. It requires focusing on mix and match and day-to-night – not to mention developing the perfect “clothes rolling” technique (my husband, Michael, has yet to master this one no matter how many times I have shown him).

Over the years, my dear and fashionable friend Christine has become my “coach” regarding this process (thank goodness)! She is especially effective because she has a “no-nonsense / cut to the chase” approach (which I appreciate). Her consistent top 3 questions are:

  1. Where are you going and what is the weather forecast?
  2. What is the reason for the trip and what activities will you be involved in?
  3. What “colour” scheme have you chosen, i.e. a taupey-brown palette, or a grey-black palette for all of your key items including purse and shoes? (Christine is a trained, awesome interior decorator with a very keen eye for colour and colour combinations)

From there, she moves through a strict elimination process of the “I would like to take” items (pile) I have created all over my bed. Before you know it, we have narrowed it down to key items, that with little tweaks and variations, can easily move into evening complete with appropriate footwear. A key factor – each final piece must go with at least two looks (travel outfit included). Another consideration – no more than two pairs of shoes in the carry-on (one of which is always runners – to ensure a work out happens). The third is the bulkiest pair, which becomes the shoes I wear on the plane.

The million dollar question is “what do you need” versus “what do you want”? What makeup is best suited for clothing you have packed and can take you from morning through night? My favourites for travel are sticks: I love Chanel and Bobbi Brown eye shadow sticks as well as Chanel blush sticks. I also save fragrance samples for travel occasions and pick up cleansing towelettes for removing makeup on the road.

Lastly, I have a few travel essentials that have made my life easier while away. I share them – both items and rituals – in my travel essentials list in hopes they make your day easier too.

Michael and I are heading on a weekend get-away to Montreal with friends next weekend – I hope Christine is available for another coaching gig (I provide wine)!

Bon Voyage!



Photos: Scotch & Coffee

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