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castelbel soap from portugal for luxury bath time

Some things never change. In life, our daily rituals begin to define us and often they are our “happy habits”.

One I’ve practiced since I was a child is my night time tub. It’s so dear to me that close friends know I end each day with my bath ritual (or, if I’m going out late – I sneak one in before leaving for the evening!). If a girlfriend calls me and my husband Michael answers, they first ask “is Denise in her tub or can she come to the phone?” Most often, a text will come in similar format. If I arrive to a later dinner party or book club – the first question I get from my tribe is “have you had your tub yet?” They all know it’s my special time – it’s me!

In all seriousness, as a baby we’re introduced to bath time as a “wind down” before bed – a special time. This followed by pyjamas, an evening snack, bedtime prayers, cuddles with mom and dad over a book, then lights out and bed time.

Those of you that are parents most likely introduced this same ritual to your children. This, for the most part, was (or still is!) a special time with our babies and toddlers. Who didn’t like a bubbly bath – one that lasted until little fingers and toes were pruned? One that was followed by pyjamas and tucking our precious little ones into bed, with a book or make believe story or singing a song. (Note: eventually my children asked me to stop singing…)

My “bath time” today, consists of slightly different “ambiences” then it did when I was a child or when Michael and I created bath time for our two children. No rubber duckies allowed!

For me, it is about “winding down my day” with dim lighting, a couple of tea lit candles, bath salts or bubbles and a great bar of luxury soap (I love the ones from Portugal – see D’s Picks for my staples!), body oils or liquid body wash (Jo Malone is a favourite), AND a glass (what I refer to as “3 sips”) of red wine. The bath is also a great time to apply a facial masque (like the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb one).

My family knows this is my daily sanctuary. It’s a time to reflect on my day and enjoy a replay of positive events, or to think about what I’d do differently when not-so-great events occur. Sometimes it’s just creative space to dream, or a place to cry when I’m feeling sad. And, sometimes it’s neither and instead is just a few minutes “to be”.

I certainly don’t have the luxury I had as a child to sit in the tub until my skin is pruned. Maximum is 15 – 20 minutes each evening, but…that is all we really need.

Give yourself some space “to be” (leave the iPhone behind!). Find time this week to take an evening bath, apply some luxurious lavender or milk body lotion, put on your jams, have another 3 sips of wine and enjoy either a conversation with your loved ones, or head to bed with a good book. Why? Because we can!

Rub a dub dub!



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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures – which are a wonderful inspiration! Your post is a fantastic reminder of how we should create our own habits that feed and nurture our souls and keep us sane!!

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