Rain, Rain, Glad You Came

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Coffee and a book

Her: “Good morning. Just lounging in my PJ’s. You?”

Me: “Doing the same!”

Her: “It’s OK to lounge in your PJ’s …..”

As much as I love the sunshine, I didn’t mind the rain and cloud cover the last few days.  In fact, I couldn’t be happier!  It was a great excuse to not head outside to play tennis, and instead became ideal for staying in pyjamas, having another cup of coffee and curling up with a good read or a catch up on my MacBook.

Days like this (especially on the weekend) lend an opportunity to give ourselves “permission” to recharge and just be. Why permission? Because in the fast pace of life, self indulgence feels wrong, guilt-ridden, or shameful. Whether lounging in our PJ’s for the day, or eating a chocolate chip cookie, we start to justify it and guilt often wins. Why do we carry guilt in taking time for ourselves? Does spending a day doing nothing (or binge-watching Netflix!) really mean we’re lazy? What about the opportunity to actually have quiet time and catch up with those we love and live with?

By this point in our lives, we’ve spent a number of years running from point A to B, with children in tow, commuting back and forth to work, and thinking about what’s next on the family “to do” list. Most often it resulted in putting ourselves last. Don’t we deserve to take time out? According to articles I’ve read in recent years, taking time out every now and then may be one of the best things for our bodies, concluding that we need more rest than we allow ourselves. This is not a surprising revelation, yet we still don’t heed the advice.

Sometimes, it’s okay to turn off “autopilot” mode, and instead lounge the full morning (or day!) in pyjamas or whatever suits your preference. We don’t always have the luxury of doing it, but when the opportunity presents itself – go for it! PJ’s, extra morning coffee, and no make-up days (for me) are both very liberating and very productive, in their own kind of way. You don’t need to become horribly sick to finally let yourself rest. Listen to your body and enjoy taking time to lounge in a pair of great, comfortable pyjamas (a worthwhile investment!). Also sneak in a midday power nap when you can – they’re proven to boost productivity (and oh, how decadent they feel)!

Life is full with schedules and commitments no matter what stage of life. Part of “living full” is the gift of welcoming “nothing” days and giving ourselves a break. As Peter Bregman states in Four Seconds, “My best ideas come to me when I am unproductive. When I’m running or showering or sitting, or doing nothing, or waiting for someone. When I am lying in bed as my mind wanders before falling asleep. These “wasted” moments, moments not filled with anything in particular, are vital. They are the moments in which we, often unconsciously, organize our minds, make sense of our lives, and connect the dots. They’re the moments in which we talk to ourselves. And listen.

On another note: doing nothing also costs nothing – so we can very well be saving money while doing it! Try that one next time. 🙂

Take a day to lounge and slow down (even if it is not raining), and read a book or have a productive day inside your home.  Why? Because (as my girlfriend said to me in her text), “it’s OK to lounge in your PJ’s”!

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My favourite items for a “nothing day”

Sleep wear:  The Sleep Shirt

Blanket-Size Wrap: Aritzia

Currently reading:

Magazines I can get lost in on a Saturday morning: House and Home, Style at Home, InStyle

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