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Denise Zaporzan - Keynote speaker

Denise Zaporzan

Become inspired to take charge of the next version of you from this dynamic, engaging & impactful CEO who has led & motivated women to take positive steps in their lives personally & professionally.


After years of trying to do it all, realizing that perfectionism was not her best strength, and accepting her journey with anxiety, Denise embraced middle age and the opportunity to reflect and make change for her next version of living life. As a professional, engaging, impactful and motivational keynote speaker, Denise now shares what she has come to know - through her stories of what many are thinking but not always saying and practicing! With Denise’s “No more elephants in the room” approach you will be inspired to reflect on your own practices and take charge of the next version of you.

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What is Elevate by denise?

It's a motivational and learning forum for businesswomen, women entrepreneurs, and women leaders - all focused on elevating leadership, performance, and the community of outstanding women in the cities we call home.

What does Elevate by denise offer?

Elevate by denise is launching with a curated series of inspiring talks for all modern businesswomen and women entrepreneurs, designed specifically for in-person engagements delivered across North America. Future phases will be focused on bringing together an Elevate community with complementary professionals, learning modules and forums, and engaged member discussions and contributions.

Speaking Topics

Because We Can

As modern women, we have reached the best part of life – albeit a complex world of motherhood, sisterhood, professional careers, hormones, and aging parents. At this stage we have the ability to celebrate our strengths, to actually give zero f*cks, to be perfectly imperfect – and feel good about it. Through some hard truths and gritty perspectives Denise will help you navigate the greatest moments, turning points, and the not-so-great pieces of life we can’t avoid, She’ll make you laugh, she may even make you cry, but one thing is for sure, she will push you to find the confidence you need to make some of those hard decisions and move on. You will leave knowing we’re all in this together and with a renewed focus of taking charge of you – Why? because you can!

Perfectly Imperfect

What is the perfect daughter, mother, sister, wife, BFF? (and the list goes on and on). As a born worrier and perfectionist, Denise shares the many things she has learned the hard way in her journey to accepting being “perfectly imperfect”. During this presentation Denise gets raw and personal with respect to saying “no”, being a parent to adult children, eliminating negative friendships, creating healthy boundaries, but most importantly putting herself first. Denise will guide you through defining what your perfectly imperfect is, and empower you to put yourself first – and not feel guilty about it. So that you can look in the mirror and say “Yes, I can go to bed with you every night”.

you have a seat at the table...Now what?

Congratulations, you have been invited to the table - so now what? As women, we often second guess our confidence, competence and credibility. We are masters at comparisons. In this presentation Denise walks you through the blind-sighted ultimatum she faced, and reminds us that we make the final decisions in our journey. Denise will challenge you to find your confidence, shatter perceptions, and "put on your big girl panties". You got here because you deserve it, and now it’s your time to shine.

Setting Boundaries in the Workplace and the Hard and Ugly Truth…

It can seem that when a man sets boundaries in the workplace because he wants to be with his family – “he is a hero”. But when a woman does it, she can be viewed as “not invested”. As professional women, we have more power than we think, and we must own our needs – even when it may not be the norm. Through this session Denise reminds us that we can be our own worst enemy, that in some industries burnout is a messed-up badge of honour and if we invest in that personally and subscribe to those rules than we are actually taking it on ourselves, or even worse, creating it. Through her own stories and experience she will push you to define your personal brand first, to set healthy boundaries and to be the architect of your own life.

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MaryAnn Kempe FCPHR, MBA, CEC

Chief Human Resources Officer
Birchwood Automotive Group

“Denise Zaporzan is a dynamic, content rich speaker who effectively reaches women wanting to find their voice in today’s world. I have experienced firsthand how Denise can mobilize and empower women to take positive steps in their lives, whether personally or professionally. Denise knows what often holds women back from true success and offers inspiration and practical ideas for women to get un-stuck. She is passionate, authentic and a true believer in the resiliency and power of women. Denise is an original and informed speaker who commanded the attention and respect of our organization’s audience and was by far one of the best speakers we have engaged”.

Todd Scaletta MBA, FCPA, FCMA. CDir

President and CEO
Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba

“I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Zaporzan on many occasions and in different settings over the past decade. Denise is a polished and professional speaker who is well prepared and informed. She relates extremely well and connects to her audience. Denise is able to combine broad knowledge on many subject areas (including but not limited to strategy, management accounting, and workplace dynamics) along with her deep expertise with regards to lifestyle and personal brand. I would highly recommend Denise for a speaking engagement.”

Brenda LaRose

Co-Founder of SHEday
Partner, Leaders International Executive Search

“Denise was a speaker at our inaugural SHEday event in 2015 and delivered a very engaging and inspiring talk to 560 women.  She was authentic, impactful and her presentation resulted in encouraging deep thought and dialogue amongst the women attending.  Denise is best described as highly energetic and possessing the rare ability to truly and deeply connect with her audience.  She was rated by many as one of the top speakers that day, with some of the participants still talking about her presentation.”.