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Fashion - fall layers

I love to indulge in fashion magazines every September. They seem to be the best issues of the year. A couple weeks ago, I blocked time early afternoon in between lunch and a mid-afternoon meeting, grabbed a cup of Turmeric Soother Herbal Tea (a new favourite) from Cornelia Bean, and made my way to Chapters Indigo. It didn’t take me long to choose 4 thick issues all brimming with this season’s trends, colours, accessories, and layers of texture.

Layers: they are the secret to dressing this time of the year and the perfect medium to transition from summer to fall! You have to dress for warmth on chilly mornings when you leave the house, and be able to cool off when the afternoon sun beats down as you make your way between meetings or errands. Or…simply when your internal thermometer dictates a hot flash coming on during a boardroom presentation (…future blog)!

If your day doesn’t end at 5 but instead carries on to dinner, you need to make sure you can not only transition from “day to night”, but also have a piece packed in your tote bag for evening warmth. 

I had a day just like this last week, which I had fun recapturing with Casey Nolin in the Park a few days later. I’ve learned (along the way) a few tricks to help transition my wardrobe from summer to fall, so I’m sharing in hopes they help you achieve the look and function you want too. 

I left that morning with the luxury of wearing denim to work. Thankfully, denim has made an acceptable debut in the workplace if worn tastefully (i.e. no faded or really distressed denim in most boardrooms).  If jeans are not acceptable, opt for a slim or cropped dress pant like Banana Republic’s Sloan Pant or Club Monaco’s Betia.

That day, I grabbed a dark skinny pair of AG jeans, along with a sleeveless black mock turtleneck (perfect for when the temperature rises and also to complete an evening look), and a blazer to keep warm in the morning and to add a professional layer for the office. This outfit let me go about my day while remaining functional between warm and cool, dressy and business casual. If you’re heading out for a more casual day, cuff your jean and show a little bit of ankle. 

Transition dressing can sometimes warrant denial of introducing a full (closed) ankle or riding boot. I chose to let my feet peek out and opted for a black patent slide. I love slides this time of year because they offer just enough coverage and yet are so comfortable and fun (and your toes won’t freeze)! If you don’t have a slide, opt for a patent pair of black oxfords. This menswear inspired shoe lends perfectly to current trends. 

If your day continues on after office hours – pack a pair of heels and a wrap. This way you can add some sexy sophistication with your shoe and have a wrap to keep you warm. I also tucked in my tote a smaller purse so I could leave my day tote behind. 

The great thing about this look is that it can be done in a variety of colours. I changed it up to a camel blazer, fun hat, and bright day bag with a fuzzy loafer! The jeans, evening wrap, shoes, and bag remained the same. Just keep in mind when leaving for the day, that the evening shoe and wrap coordinate with your daytime outfit. Last, don’t forget about your accessories, and pack your change of lip colour for the evening! I chose to add a punchy red lip to match my evening scarf, but maintained a neutral yet shimmery look as the base of my make up for the day. I also chose jewelry that easily paired with my evening outfit, but it’s easy to have an extra statement necklace, bracelet, or ring packed into your purse as well. 

I am still making my way through those magazines. I savour the few minutes each day to slowly flip through the pages and read the articles. It’s those few minutes (during the day or before bed) to slow down and be inspired (from another perspective) that we all need in our lives, whether gained from a fashion magazine or not.

When I was a young girl, I absolutely loved Mary Tyler Moore and the “hat tossing” scene of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Remember that?! She was a fashion icon of her time and always had a certain joie de vivre. I just loved the sparkle in her eye and smile on her face that seemed constant. As a young girl I would dream of doing that scene myself. This month, I finished our photoshoot by doing just that!

Take the time to flip the pages, let the warmth of the fall sun shine on your face, and toss your hat. Why? Because those are the moments we relish and remember, and because we can.   

modern middle aged woman

Blazer(s) – Banana Republic, Patent Slide & Fluffy Flat – Sol Sana, Mock Sleeveless Turtleneck – Minimum, Day Wrap – Mackage, Day Tote – Rebecca Minkoff, Evening Wrap – Kit & Ace, Evening Shoe – Paul Green, Orange Pippa Bag – Modalu London, Jewelry – Tiffany, David Yurman & Simon Imports, Watch – Cartier, Hat – SanDiego HatFall fashion - layersFall fashion - layersLayers of fall fashion stylefall fashion - in the park - layersfall fashion - in the park - layersFall fashion - cozy wrapFall fashion - layers Fall fashion - layers Fall fashion - layers Fall fashion - layers Photos – Casey Nolin Photography

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