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When I’m leaving on a jet plane, there are a few essential items and “rituals” I follow to make travel easier. Here are a few of my favourite go-to’s for a weekend away, or a weeklong business trip on the coast.

To Pack (…in addition to the required pieces to complete your wardrobe)

  • Great tote or knapsack to act as your purse with your carry on
  • An extra tote packed (folded) – Longchamp are my favourite!
  • A small wristlet or handbag
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • Small toiletry containers (what do you really need?) and travel cosmetic brushes
  • The makeup bag (mix and match): my travel faves are eyeshadow quads or sticks, a staple lipstick, powder or mineral powder (instead of a foundation or BB cream), and a moisturizing lotion with a sunscreen
  • Running shoes and workout outfit
  • Shoe bag (which can convert into a laundry bag!)
  • Cash (in the currency of wherever you’re travelling!)
  • Travel speaker and earphones (noise-cancelling are preferred)
  • Cozy pair of socks (to wear on the plane or to act as slippers in your hotel room)
  • A sweater or a wrap
  • Vitamins and prescriptions tucked into a toiletry bag
  • Electronic chargers 

To Do

  • Roll all clothes!
  • Pack delicates in a soft cloth bag (or shoe bag) to prevent damage and snags
  • Stuff underwear and socks into your shoes to save space
  • Place toiletry and liquid and gel bag in your carry on tote (for quick access through security)
  • Have easy access to your boarding pass (so you are not fumbling at the gate)
  • Passport, wallet, NEXUS (or TSA Pre) card
  • Hotel and rental car/rental car insurance confirmations (get rental insurance from your local provider!)
  • If taking a taxi or shuttle to the airport – book it the night before (for an early morning flight)
  • Based on the time you need to be at the airport – schedule your ride considering rush hour or traffic delays

I am constantly learning to improve my “travel savvy” and often lean on my girlfriends for help. Have a travel tip you’d like to share? Let me know!


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2 Comments on “My Travel Essentials”

  1. Love your picks Denise! Longchamp bags are light and spacious. My fave bag for travelling for work is the M-Tote Voyageur. Easy to clean, light, and so many compartments to keep me organized.

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