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Makeup Application - Modern Woman

Remember sneaking into your Mother’s or Grandmother’s makeup bag when you were little? Plastering on the lipstick and the blush – so fun! Or the thrill of receiving permission that you were “old enough” to wear makeup (beyond the glossy Root Beer or Black Cherry Lipsmackers). Today, as a woman, one of the most fun and indulgent things we can do is splurge on a new item of makeup. It’s just one of those things that adds a little sparkle to the day, whether you’ve broken out that bright pink lipstick in spring or made the bold move to punch up the rouge in fall.

A few years back, I sought the expertise of a local cosmetic artist, Ana Heuthorst, who is now the business manager of Chanel Beaute in Winnipeg. We became friends over the years through my regular seasonal visits to her (with my cosmetic bag in hand) and requests for her insight on which colours to pair with what outfit, what shades are trending, and how best to wear some of my favourite makeup colours and palettes (no matter what the brand). Ana and I tend to have a text conversation on the go quite frequently (she knows more about what colours I own and what I have in my makeup bag than I do at times)!

Ana entered the industry through a part-time Clinique beauty counter job while she was pursuing university studies. Following graduation, her passion had been long since ignited and she progressed to a full time makeup artist with Bobbi Brown cosmetics (where we met). There, she refined her makeup artistry skills and developed strong (and lasting) relationships with her customers. Not too long after joining Bobbi Brown, the offer to join and manage Chanel arose. She jumped at it and hasn’t looked back.

This week, I’m welcoming Ana to share her favourite picks for fall, but more importantly, to explore and discuss how the modern middle aged woman can (and should!) wear her makeup.

Makeup Artist

Ana Heuthorst

Why did entering this industry mean so much to you? Being in beauty has been an amazing journey – I’m by no means done growing and evolving within it. However, my mantra has been the same since I began: to teach women to look their best so they can feel their best. This mantra keeps me grounded in an industry that’s easy to get carried away in, and encourages my relationships with clients to be of utmost importance.

What do you love most about Chanel? There are so many amazing things about working for such an iconic company with such a rich heritage, but one of the things I love most is the emphasis Chanel places on women as individuals rather than a whole. Chanel encourages women to be who they are, pursue their passions, and to live in the present. In addition, aside from company values, working with Chanel products is a dream. They have stood the test of time, and Chanel continues to vigorously research and test new, innovative products and technologies in places such as France, Japan, and the United States.

What colour palettes are trending this fall? Warm toned, red-based palettes are still huge for fall and flattering for all shades of skin. Think of leaves as they change colour, the first sign that summer has come to an end.

What is the most popular product in the Chanel line for middle aged women?

  • Rouge Coco Lipstick: The iconic Chanel lipstick offers all day hydration and nourishment, combined with lasting staying power and shine. Every woman needs one!

What’s the secret to make up application for women moving from day to night? Eyeliner and lipstick! Smudge a little eyeliner around the eyes and deepen your lip colour for a quick transition into an evening look.

What are essential make up products for the modern middle aged woman?

  • CC Cream: 12 hr hydration, SPF 50, and moderate coverage. It’s a combination of skincare and makeup.
  • 3-in-1 face palette that consists of: concealer, highlighter, and colour for the cheeks and lips. Chanel’s = Palette Essentielle
  • Waterproof brow pen or pencil: Double ended brow pen that is easy to use with a long-wear formula.

What should we be conscious of in our makeup application at this stage in life? Do what makes you feel comfortable! If you feel confident in your bright lip or bold eye, then rock it. The people around you are more likely to pick up on the confidence that stems from that look, and you are more likely to live your best life in a look that makes you feel like the best version of you rather than toning it down. Just because a magazine or advertisement or friend’s friend told you that you shouldn’t, doesn’t mean you can’t.


Despite the extensive product and brand selection available, keep your focus on classic makeup that can be stunning in simplicity. Ana emphasized doing what makes you feel most comfortable, and protecting your skin (with hydration and SPF) to keep it healthy and vibrant. Her knowledge is extensive and her friendship and encouragement, even more so. I can’t wait to welcome Ana back to share more wisdom on how best to create and wear different looks (as well as what her must-haves are and her secret to the best weekend look). In the mean time – take some time for you and pick up a new favourite shadow or lipstick for the fall.

Why? Because we should all get to “rock” red lips every once in a while!

modern middle aged woman

Fall makeup - Middle ageFall makeup - Middle ageFall makeup - Modern Middle ageFall Makeup - Chanel Fall Makeup - Modern Woman

Fall Eye Palette

Chanel, Stila and Smashbox

Cosmetic Counter - Fall Makeup

Fall lipstick - Chanel

Rouge Allure – Velvet Nightfall
Rouge Coco Gloss – Burnt Sugar
Rouge Coco – Daylight

Cosmetic Counter - Fall Makeup

Top 3 must haves - makeup

Ana’s Recommended Essentials

Makeup Artist Photos – Casey Nolin Photography

Denise’s Top – Lennard Taylor – Brenda Swing Shirt

Ana can be “found” at Shoppers Drug Mart Chanel Beauty Boutique – Polo Park, Winnipeg, MB

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    1. Sounds great Karen! Ana is located at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique – Chanel – Polo Park. I have since added that information to the bottom of the blog post. Have a great day and thank you for your support xo

  1. Ana is indeed a lovely person – I met her at Bobbi Brown too , through Melanie, and have always enjoyed her friendly help. The new counter at Shopper’s is gorgeous – and now I think I need to stop in again soon !

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