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Unlike my husband who was full salt and pepper by his late 30s (he claims it was because of me!), I luckily inherited my mother’s genes and didn’t see the introduction of gray until this past year. Now, as pieces of silver begin to peek out, I am giving more thought to this change.

I have a couple of girlfriends, as well as my sister-in-law, who embraced the natural transition to gray hair – and it looks stunning.

This week, I share a few stories I came across on this topic, in hopes it helps other women embrace and love this liberating new look.

  1. Gray Hair, Don’t Care –  from my friends at The Fine Line (see intro to the post below)

There are simple ways to feel beautiful throughout and after this transition too. If you choose to let your locks go gray, consider how new shades of makeup can make your complexion stand out. I loved these 4 tips from Pure Wow:

  1. Focus on your brows: define them by applying a little brown powder to keep your brows sharp – they frame your face!
  2. Highlight your cheeks to avoid looking washed out. Provide a pop of colour to the apples!
  3. Line your eyes in a warm brown or navy – stay away from black as it would contrast your hair too much.
  4. Embrace a bold lip (…this one is my favourite)! Go for bolder hues like berry or at least a pinky peach.

Gray is simply the introduction of a beautiful new stage in life. Whether you choose to embrace it fully or not, feeling comfortable in your own skin is one of the most liberating experiences a middle-aged woman can enjoy. So embrace gray, or embrace what feels right to you in this beautiful stage of life. Why? Because we can.

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