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White Spaces - D by denise

White space: “…the space between lines and columns that provides visual breathing room for the eye of the reader or writer. In business, it is where unarticulated needs are uncovered. It is where products and services do not exist, and instead this space gives birth to innovative thinking and opportunities.”

I think of white space as a place for rest, a space where things are kept simple, a time for nothingness, a clear canvas, being unplugged or uncommitted to any kind of “to do” list, or, space to be present with family and friends or your inner peeps.  White space is what summer living is all about… and it’s important for all of us to take.

A Time To Reset

By now the cold days of winter are faded memories and we’ve opened our arms to summer. Living on the prairies (where we’re privileged to experience the four seasons at their fullest), we embrace extended hours of daylight and the hot temperatures that July and August bring. Whether we’ve spent the last 3 or 6 months moving from project to project, meeting to meeting, car pool to car pool, activity to activity, summer is critical time to hit the reset button.  

White Space: The Way You Want It

For me and my family, summer means no other place than our family cottage. It becomes “home base” as much as we can each make possible, and there, we work and play with minimal to do lists other than our professional obligations.  

For others, this time can mean escapes to the beach, garden, to backyard parties and barbecues, adventures on road trips to other destinations, experiencing festivals, camping, or embracing the calm of “staycations”. It can also just mean a new pile of great books to escape in. Whatever you do, make the white space in your life an experience that helps YOU relax and reset (despite how concerned you may be about the well-being of loved ones!).

My Summer Wish

What ever your summer plans are, I wish you “white space” – even if just for short moments at a time. As middle aged women, we have come to know what our bodies need and the importance of listening to them. Summer is a perfect time to relax, dream, take an afternoon nap, or run through the sprinkler with a “little someone” in your life.  Why? Because making summer memories are always the best… and because we can!

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In the spirit of summer white space, I will be taking a vacation from bi-weekly posts for the remainder of the summer and into the fall. See you once I return! xo


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On the tennis court - White Space D by denise

Mornings on the court

Summer boating - White Spaces D by denise

Afternoons on the boat

Cottage white space time - D by denise

Happy hour at the cottage

Clear Lake Golf Course - D by denise

Evenings on the golf course

Summer Reads - D by denise

My summer reads

Summer on the patio - D by denise

White space with special people 🙂

Feature photo of Geneva Switzerland while on vacation “celebrating 30”

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